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Globally, education is a major and persistent source of systemic problems faced by deaf people, significantly affecting the quality of their lives. This gap has devastating effects in many areas: academically, professionally, economically, and societally.
At Deaf Empowerment we believe that all deaf students can be engaged in meaningful learning experiences. Here’s how we work to improve the quality in education for deaf students:

Our Approach

Curriculum development & Instructional design

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

The purpose of this program is to provide administrators and educators with the best knowledge and tools to meet the specific academic and social needs of deaf students. Deaf Empowerment offers workshops and training led by educational trainers with extensive experience in deaf education, and  provide teachers with the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully engage deaf students in active learning and best support their success in school and life. Deaf Empowerment training approach is based on Philosophy for Children (P4C) teaching practices. 

The lack of quality education is a persistent challenge in deaf communities

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers &

School Leaders

Our organization offers workshops and training in curriculum development and instructional design solutions for deaf students, classrooms, and/or schools. By collaborating with experts in deaf education, participants identify the specific learning needs of deaf students and develop effective learning outcomes. Whether updating current curriculum materials or developing a brand-new curriculum, lasting solutions are identified that lead to optimal learning outcomes and instructional goals.

Preparing for College

Preparing for College supports participants in post-secondary education by helping them explore careers and college options, apply for admissions, request accommodations, and achieve academic success. Our organization works closely with various communities to develop supportive services for each deaf individual.

Upgrading Program for Adults

Student Writing

This program is designed to support deaf adults to gain literacy skills and overcome the negative consequences of illiteracy. In addition to reading and writing, participants have the opportunity to improve their math, science & computer skills, and earn a high-school diploma.  

A second chance at a high-school diploma is a chance to a better life.



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Please complete this form or email us a video (using American Sign Language or International Sign Language) to tell us about your needs. We will get back to you as soon as we can to set up a video meeting with you. We look forward to working together!

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